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Samsung Galaxy S7: What We Know So Far

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If you own the Samsung Galaxy S6 and have been incredibly satisfied with your phone, you probably couldn’t contain your excitement anymore for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7. Samsung has already confirmed the launch date for said phone and it will be on February 21. If you’re thinking of snatching a unit as soon as it hits the market, here are some of the things we know about the upcoming mobile phone release so far:



Considering the huge success of the Samsung Galaxy S6, it is safe to say that we won’t be seeing massive changes with the Galaxy S7. A smart move for Samsung because there’s no point for a complete design overhaul when the predecessor has done incredibly well. What you can expect instead are a few tweaks and some new features that promise to improve user performance.

According to rumors, the Galaxy S7 promises faster processing speed and better viewing quality. Other than the few tweaks, the phone will look similar to the Galaxy S6 but with a relatively rounder edge.


As for the screen, some rumors suggest that the new Galaxy phone may sport a 5.7-inch display with resolution of 1440×2560 QHD for the phablet-type Galaxy S7 Edge while another rumor reports that the smaller phone may feature a 5.1-inch display with resolution of 1440×2560. Either way, you can expect both phones to boast enhanced displays that will make your viewing experience even better.


After having unveiled the new BRITECELL camera, many suspected that the upcoming Galaxy S7 might use said camera instead of what the Galaxy S6 currently features. If true, this means that the new phone will have a camera that still works impressively even in low light. Another leak suggests   that the new Galaxy phone release will also include the IMX300 sensor. And other than following Apple’s lead with its 3D technology, Samsung may also mimic Apple’s Live Photos. Samsung is believed to call this Vivid Photos, which basically makes it easier for user to share and upload your photos to your social media accounts.



Just like the Galaxy S6, the new Samsung phone will have a battery you cannot remove, which remains a sticking point for some mobile users who want a removable battery. With Galaxy’s already solid and long battery life, chances are high that the Galaxy S7 may stick with the same battery size and capacity. As for the battery being removable again, you might want to expect less in that respect as Samsung seems to be sticking with a non-removable battery instead.


In addition to the other exciting new enhancements and improvements for the Galaxy S7, it also looks like consumers can look forward to the phone running on the latest Android OS. Rumors strongly suggest that the Galaxy S7 may launch with Android Marshmallow as supported by some document leaks online. Another exciting news is the bit about Samsung adding a liquid cooling feature to its Galaxy S7. If true, this could help prevent overheating as well as lengthen battery life. As for the processor, the Galaxy S7 is believed to come with the Snapdragon 820.


When it comes to the cost, there are no words or confirmations as of now about the phone’s price tag. But if we are to get clues from previous Galaxy phone releases, a good guess may be around £600. A price cut would’ve been good news but it’s probably too much to hope for. Considering how successful the Galaxy S6 was, Samsung won’t launch their new phone any less than the cost of the Galaxy S6 when it was launched.