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Apple iPhone 7: What We Know So Far

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If Samsung is gearing up for the upcoming launch of the Samsung Galaxy S7, Apple is not to be left behind. Rumors suggest that the iPhone 7 is expected to launch this 2016 featuring significant design tweaks, features and more. It has also been reported that there’s a high chance for Apple to fix its biggest design flaws with the upcoming new iPhone model.

With the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus just a few months fresh, you’d think it’s too early to talk about the upcoming iPhone 7S. Well, you are wrong because rumors have already been floating around. From what we’ve gathered, here’s what we know so far about the next iPhone release.

Release Date

Just like the previous iPhones, the upcoming iPhone 7 is believed to launch in September of this year. But that doesn’t mean it’s the next iPhone after the 6S and 6S Plus. Before we see the iPhone 7 in the market, we’ll have to watch out for what Apple has been rumored to be working on, a smaller iPhone 5SE that’s set to release in the coming weeks.

Screen Size

When it comes to its screen size, iPhone 7 will have a 4-7-inch display while the bigger version, iPhone 7 Plus, will feature a 5.5-inch display. If Apple makes a smaller iPhone this year, there’s a possibility the brand will call it the iPhone 7. All these are just rumors for now. What’s relatively more possible is Apple releasing an iPhone 6C and iPhone 6e before the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.


Considering some complaints about the iPhone 6S’s design, Apple is set to carry out substantial design overhauls to the upcoming iPhone 7. If rumors are to be believed, the new iPhone is likely to be thinner because the phone will ditch the headphone jack feature. You might not also see the protruding camera anymore with the iPhone 7.


Many users have complained about the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus’s battery life. In comparison with Samsung Galaxy S6’s battery, last year’s iPhones were left behind. Hopefully, Apple listens to the complaints and give us an iPhone with a longer battery life this time. But even if the brand doesn’t pull through with a longer battery life, you can expect better things with the upcoming iPhone 7.


In order to catch up with the competition, it’s very likely that the new iPhone will sport a higher screen resolution. With last year’s iPhones lagging behind because of its relatively lower resolution in comparison with rivals such as the Galaxy S6, Apple may just go the higher pixel density route for iPhone 7. There are also rumors that Apple might also opt for a harder screen material this time around. If both true, iPhone users have more and more things to get excited about this year.

Other Features

It’s also very likely that Apple will ditch its lowest storage offering of 16GB. With the competition offering higher storage options, we can probably hope (with crossed fingers) for iPhone 7’s storage to start at 32GB then with higher storage options of 64GB and 128GB. Though there are hopes for a USB-C port for the iPhone 7, this might be unlikely. If Apple does push through with this, the brand could get a backlash. The switch is just too soon for now.


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